Max 22mm² Cu/Al Cable Cutter CK-22
Max 22mm² Cu/Al Cable Cutter CK-22
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• For cutting Cu/Al cable max 22 mm².
• Body heat treated for 42-48 HRC.
• Blade head fire frequency 52-62 HRC.
• Designed according human custom to save labor.
• Blades are forging type.
• Light and compact structure.
• Handles are dipping type.
• Supplied package: blister card.
• Size: 150*45*13 mm
• Weight: 0.19 kg

Model CK-22
Capacity (Max Range) Cu/Al cable max 22 mm²
Size 150*45*13 mm
Weight 0.19 kg

Our cable cutter mainly used for electrical working, State Grid construction, underground cable construction, Building construction etc.

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