Max Φ75mm Cu/Al Armored Cable Cutter J75
Max Φ75mm Cu/Al Armored Cable Cutter J75
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• Cutting copper armored cable below 3*120 mm2, and aluminum armored cable max Φ75 mm.
• For cutting aluminum cable, the max diameter could be according to blade available size.
• Blades can be resharpened or exchanged.
• Reliable ratchet mechanism and durable blade ensure superior cutting times.
• Extensible handgrips are comfortable to hold.
• Don't cut steel wires.
• Supplied package: carrying bag.
• Size: 420*205*50mm
• Weight: 3.6 kg

Model J75
Capacity (Max Range) copper armored cable 3*120 mm2
aluminum armored cable Φ75 mm
Size 420*205*50mm
Weight 3.6 kg

Our cable cutter mainly used for electrical working, State Grid construction, underground cable construction, Building construction etc.
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