--> E Cigarettes: The Number One Reasons to Swap Out

E Cigarettes: The Number One Reasons to Swap Out

September 28, 2017Posted by Vera Selway


If you're a cigarette smoker and haven't considered switching to e cigarettes, there are many terrific reasons why you should. You're certainly aware of the addictive properties of nicotine, and may think making the transition to e cigs might be difficult. In actuality, it's not at all. In fact, e cigs deliver a purified form of nicotine that satisfies those cravings without exposing you to all the toxins and noxious chemicals contained in tobacco smoke. Still not convinced? Below are other reasons for switching out.

E Cigarettes: Does Not Contain Flame, Smoke, or Ash

E cigarettes contain a form of liquid nicotine that passes into the lungs when the "vaper" (not smoker) inhales. As the vaper blown out, only a safe vapour is released. You don't need to be distressed over being certain that there's a way for you to light a cigarette, even though the tip of the e cig has a believable glowing red colour, it is just an LED imitation. You don't have to agonize over ways to throw away cigarette butts, since e cigs don't create waste. Electronic cigarettes are not subject to the smoking ban.

E Cigarettes: Doesn't Cause Odours or Stains

Smokers realize that the smell of tobacco smoke infuses their skin, hair and clothing. Hard smokers also, nearly always, end up with ugly stains on their fingers which are tricky to eliminate. Smokers are left with hideous stained teeth too. For instance, when you continue to smoke in the same room, whether a parlour, or bedroom, scum builds up on your walls and furniture, leaving behind gooey, stinking film. In addition, there's a strong likelihood that you'll end up with a horrid breath. In actuality, there's a minor odour that's in the vapouor of the e cig; yet, it is almost a million times better than the intolerable cigarette smoke.

E Cigarettes: Not a Fire Hazard

Can you even count the number of stories you've been told about or have seen where people incinerate their own selves and their homes from smoking in bed? Because e cigs don't need a flame, it doesn't cause fire. It's true that the e cig does come with a micro-miniature heating module on the inside that is used to vaporise the liquid nicotine it holds; however, its used for a slight number of seconds as the vaper breathes in. Witness the amount of burned places on your furniture and car upholstery. Firmly, one-third of the total number of deaths associated with fires, happen on account of cigarettes. Aren't you ready to try a better, and much safer, way?

E Cigarettes: No Unsafe Tar

So far as detrimental habits are concerned, smoking is the pits. Not anything can possible destroy your health quite like using tobacco Smoking is a primary cause of heart disease and lung cancer, thanks to tar, a gummy residue that accumulates in the lungs. Smoking can be accountable for having emphysema, a weakening and killer lung disease. Do you know about smoker's cough? Is there any cause to wait until a disease like this befalls you? The e cig is the perfect answer for smokers who don't want to quit the habit yet.

What's holding you up? Switch to e cigarettes right away!

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